Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Maileen's Journey - April 2

Thanks to all of you for continuing to pray for my amazing cousin, Maileen.  I know I often call her amazing, but she truly is.  She's been sharing her story since the beginning, and I have been changed watching her strength, honesty, and love.  Although it has been unimaginably hard for Peter, Maileen, and their children - they have continued to show their faith and trust in God which has been hard for me to wrap my brain around.  They have always been such an example to me, and they continue to be as we love them from afar.

January 28
...and I just got back from the capital city with the MRI and part of the abdomen results from Friday...God is Good and still very much on our side no matter the results. The tumor in the frontal left lobe is 19.4 mm to 26 mm. The spot operated on in August is now 52 mm x19.9 mmb in the menengies. I have some growth on the bottom of my left lung. I have a tumor now on my right breast right in the middle I am calculating at 30 mm or so diameter. I will have it checked for sure this week. We are praying for the following:
---Approval for insurance at a decent price, Praise God and activates by Feb 1st.---Raise funds to do all of this and learn ways and do things we can do to raise decent adoption payment and raise support plans.---Have a place to stay for up to 6-12 months within Augusta GA so we can learn the disciplines of how to prepare food and near a really good school for Marissa that can help her well. (Jan 28th.)---Both children have permission to go with us during treatments and have great people able to invest in Marissa's hearing issues to help her hear better and communicate better. She is struggling in Spanish. And must sharpen her understanding and use of the sounds. (And that the Spanish Teacher understands to write her Spanish update letter so we can get it to the local government within the next couple days.)---Each of our cells heal from this disease and any other illnesses completely and help others heal too and the finances and materials to do all that.---That we can also be invested in well to serve our Saviour well to glorify His name and invest in others, too. Lord willing be able to start a place that helps others learn how to help thier bodies and church heal.---Please also pray for Peter...he is taking on tons of single parent chores with a 6 year old that doesn't speak well yet and a 8 month old that is just learning to crawl and a wife that cannot help much if at all...thanks. We appreciate your prayers and words of encouragement.

On February 4th, Peter summarized it best with

On this World Cancer Day, I am celebrating my dear wife, Maileen, who has battled fervently for 3 years. I love you my Precious Baby. We can do this!!

February 16
Well, in English, she's my better half. In Spanish, she's the other half of my orange. So I guess I just left the better half of my orange in Augusta, Georgia. I love you, Maileen.

February 17
3 countries, 4 flights, 3 airlines, 5 airports, 4 times through security, 1 long day and 1 tired Dad who is happy to be with his kids again

February 27
I have the kids' permission to travel from the Honduran courts. Tomorrow we will go get their Honduran passports. One step closer.

March 1

We did it, Mommy! We love you!

March 13
The visa appointment for the kids has been moved up to tomorrow at 8am!!! Please pray for a favorable outcome.

March 14
Having a celebratory donut. We got the visas! We're coming to see you on Thursday, Maileen.

March 20
We have arrived (in Georgia)! Thank you all for your prayers.

March 25
Maileen had an MRI this morning. The tumor in the frontal lobe of her brain has grown considerably. Per doctor's orders I'm taking her to the emergency room right now. Thanks for your prayers.

March 26
Maileen update: She is doing better. I.V. steroids are helping reduce the swelling on her brain. Please pray for wisdom. Within the next 24 hourse we have to decide whether or not she should have surgery for the tumors. Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement.

March 27
Maileen will undergo surgery Friday morning at 7:30 EDT. They will remove the tumor from her frontal lobe. I am grateful for all your prayers and humbled by the number of people who are praying.

March 28
Maileen's surgery went well. Thank you for your prayers. She has recovered consciousness and was glad that she recognized Marissa and me. I had asked the surgeon to install a software upgrade so that I would appear more handsome to her. It's too early to tell if it worked.

March 30
Maileen is healing. She was just moved from the ICU into a regular room. Thank you for your prayers.

April 1
Maileen is slowly improving. She was discharged from the hospital yesterday. We are glad to have her home, although we are still adjusting to taking care of her. Thank you, again, for all your prayers.

Peter & Maileen are grateful and humbled by your love and thoughtfulness.
I am grateful and humbled by your love and thoughtfulness.
Thank you always for your kind words and your prayers.
We appreciate you so much.

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Momtotwolovelies said...

Lifting them up in prayer, as well as you dear friend.

Betsy said...

Praying for them! And you!

Grace Manning said...

Thank you, Betsy - it means a lot. I miss you...and your "sister"!