Thursday, July 11, 2013

Isabella Talk

There's something about the ages of three and four that make discussions awesome and funny most of the time.  Or maybe it's just our four-year old's personality?  At any rate, please enjoy these fantastic conversations that we've had with our Isabella the last few weeks or so:

ISA: Mom, when are we going to get a new baby?
ME: A baby in my belly?
ISA: Yes.
ME: Oh, we're not going to have any more babies in my belly.
ISA: But, why?  When I was at Tita and Tito's house, I was watching when they were getting married.  Guess what?  I saw Gianna in your belly.  But how did she get in there?
ME: God put her there.
ISA: But how did she gonna come out?
ME: This way.
ISA: Oh!  Did you cry?
ME: No, I just pushed really hard.
ISA: You should just bang on the top of your head so she can come out.
ME: You're funny, Isabella.

ISA: I wish I could color the wall.
ME: No, Isabella.
ISA: Why not?
ME: It'll be pretty!
ISA: No, thank you.

ISA: When's the next baby coming, Mom?  I like all these babies.

ISA: Caillou's mom has boobies.
ME: That's because she's a grown-up girl.
ISA: Do you have boobies, Mom?
ME: Do I?
ISA: Yes - that's because you're a girl.
ME: You're right, Isabella.  Mommy is a girl.

LOLA: Isabella, did you find the ring I bought you?
ISA: No!  I don't know where it is!
LOLA: It's ok.  It's just a ring.
ISA: But I need it for when I growed up and get married.

ME: Isabella, stop messing with Baby Jonathan.
ISA: I...{shrugs shoulders} just love him.

ISA: Mommy, look at me - do I look fascinating?

ME: Are you all done in the bathroom, Isabella?
ISA: Yes!  Do you smell it?

ISA: I wish you could be a real mom.
ME: What do you mean?
ISA: Real moms don't spank children.

Just for my girl:
Sweet Isabella,
You bring sunshine into my day, and you don't even know it.  I'm sorry when I get easily frustrated with you, or don't make the time for you that I should.  I think you're amazing no matter what.  I love you, and I'm so happy God let me be your mom.  Never lose how much you love life and how most everything makes you happy & excited.  You are my most favorite Isabella ever.
Love you forever,

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Memory Keeper

One of the main reasons I blog is to remember life for me and our family - at the moment.  I so easily forget things from one day to the next, but I want to make sure our girls have something to look back on when they're older.  We take a bazillion and one pictures, but I'm not the best at organizing said pictures & getting them into albums (please don't ask me how many years I am behind). 

I certainly don't want to hold those memories hostage with my intent
to scrapbook so instead, I blog.

When I'm old and (more) forgetful, I want the girls to be able to see that their mom used to be young once.  I want them to see that their mom was very much in love with their father.  I want them to know that their mom just may understand what they're feeling & what they're going through.  I want them to realize that their mom tried her best to love God & other people
the way that He continually loves her.

When it's hard for our girls to remember, I want them to have a place
where they can be reminded of:

how much their dad & I did in fact love them
(albeit sometimes imperfectly, but it was love nonetheless)
the meals their mom cooked from time to time (that they sometimes enjoyed!)
the things they used to say and do

what made us laugh
and what made us cry

the places we went
the people we spent time with
and the memories we made together

One day, they will be all grown up and have lives separate from ours (sigh).  They may even have children of their own (many many many years from now).  When that happens - I hope they, too, will find a way to tuck all of those memories they make into a forever place
to visit from time to time.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Village

They're home!
They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I couldn't agree more.

Bill and Espy just got home from their trip to Arizona, and it's been fantastic to have them physically in our home.  When you add in all the experiences and stories that they've been sharing with us, it's been one big ball of emotion around here (at least for the wife
and mother of the house).

I applaud those of you who are both dad and mom for much longer than eleven days.  The only reason why Bill and Espy came home to a sane (not completely exhausted) woman and somewhat tidy home is because of the awesome support system we have.  It's beyond amazing.  All of these things were an encouragement to me (and to Isabella and Evangeline) while they were away,
and this list isn't exhaustive:
phone calls
movie nights
pre/post-bedtime visits

Thank you so much to all of you who were a helping hand, ear, hug, etc. just when we needed it.  Thank you for sacrificing your own time to spend time helping us or being with us.  Bill and I appreciate it more than you know.  I'm thankful and ridiculously blessed by the example of your friendship.  Our hope is that we can be same kind of friends to you -
and for you to call us on it if we're not.  Not a joke.  We love you!
(Special shout out to my parents who were readily available whenever we needed a meal,
a playdate, a ride - or when Mommy needed a time out.)
presents from our Espy
family dinner
 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
John 15:13