Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maileen's Journey - March 31

September 2009

Today's requests:

I am reminded last night during my own bible study that we are to bring EVERYTHING TO HIM in prayer...that is where there is movement...a God who wants us to relate to Him and so we can do this together with Him...Here are His wonderful reminders and my list to pray for today...Thanks - it's good



-you don't get to shower first thing in the AM
-you don't get to go to the gym
-one of your daughters doesn't know what to do

Dear Maileen...

I would like for you to know that I am praying earnestly for your cousin. Please pass this along to her and her precious husband and beautiful daughter. I was encouraged by her post and the deep, deep love she has for Christ - such a praise in the midst of this cancer. When Katelyn was first diagnosed,our family doctor referred us to a sermon online by John Piper - "Don't Waste Your Cancer." That gave us a lot of perspective on God. Hope that helps you and Maileen as it did us.

Maileen's Journey - March 31

January 2009
I am amazed how God weaves...We are tapestries worked to reveal His Glory...I am privileged to know He cares enough to refine my faith in Christ.  I am blessed to be surrounded by so many who share the

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Maileen...

Praying for your safety as you travel to the States.
You're my hero, and I love you Ate!!  xoxo

Maileen's Journey - March 30

November 2008
Sure, share as you wish Beautiful...I suppose it will be easier for me to start a blog as well so others can know how to take this journey with me/us and we can grow together. Plus it will be easier to communicate when I become weak.

Could you pray for us, today many will come to visit and sometimes that is exhausting and I really

Maileen's Journey - March 30

I was praying for Maileen this morning and came across this verse:

Maileen's Journey - March 29

Marissa 2009
Maileen should be flying into the U.S. on Saturday to begin consults and treatment.  Please pray for Peter, Marissa, and especially Maileen during this time.
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Maileen's Journey - March 28

December 2008
I love you and deeply appreciate your interceding for me to our Lord.
He will supply all our needs and doesn't give us what we can not handle. I wish I could change what

Maileen's Journey - March 28

October 2008
--well it looks like I will be leaving this week
---praying that I can do the psyc exam (last thing besides signatures) before I leave or schedule it for

Maileen's Journey - March 27

August 2008
thanks so much for words of encouragement
here are some things to pray about now:

Maileen's Journey - March 24

January 2009
Results are back...and I must say I am not surprised because of what he said to Peter after the surgery. (That is was odd shaped and that usually means it's cancer.)
So, he just came out and told us straight it's cancer...
they actually found 1.5 cm of cancer and it was NOT in the lymph node, but it was close to it.  It was in

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Bill and I have been married for NINE YEARS!
When in the world did that happen?
Because Bill is my BFF, and our moms are the best moms/grandmas/Lolas/Nenes EVER -
Bill and I got to have a sleepover
without kids
in another city.
How 'bout them apples?

Because you know I love lists, our sleepover was superfun because:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Someone once called blogging a way of keeping a glorified journal (oh hey, Cindy).  Oh, she wasn't knocking it - we were just talking about it - because she has one too, you know.  I've always loved the idea of having a journal and have at least four or five that I've had since I was middle school-ish.  They all have random entries here and there.  I was never really good at keeping one consistently - obviously.

All this to say is that this post might not make any sense to you at all, and that's ok - 
it's all just a part of my glorified journal.
So I can read this post,

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's for Dinner?

Oh the infamous question that can lead to cheers or tears in our household.
No, seriously - sometimes our children cry over their dinner.
It's awesome.
Last night's dinner was fantastic for three reasons:

1)  It was super easy.
2)  Everyone liked it - except for Gianna,
but I'm going to blame that on her getting over being sick annnd being grumpy
because out of all of them - that one is not the picky eater.
3)  It makes plenty so it's a perfect "have people over and not be stressed about cooking dinner" kind of meal.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saturday Morning Dance Session

We're in a nice, little in-between stage where no one has anything going on Saturday mornings -
no soccer games, no basketball games, no birthday parties,
no piano recitals, no meetings, no practices...

...and, it's awesome!...

Usually, Bill goes for a quick run (5-10 miles - ew!) first thing and comes back to make pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc. (AKA yummies).  If I can manage to get breakfast going, we turn Mumford & Sons on in the kitchen - really loud.  If not, Bill will put it on when he gets home.

We are all loving their music right now, and by all I mean ALL of us (maybe excluding Evangeline -

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet Little Old Men

This morning Isabella and I ran a few errands while Gianna & Evangeline had some Lola time
(Lola = my mom = best mom/Lola evaaaa).
We stopped to pick up a few things at Sam's Club, and the cutest old man asked me to help him find the boneless skinless chicken breasts.
His wife got mad at him last time because he brought home the wrong ones.
He was really looking for chicken breast tenderloins - silly!
"Those are way too big!" - he said about the ones he thought he wanted.

While we were looking at all the chicken, Isabella felt the need to inform the nice man of my name.  
Gace!  Gace!  Hey, Gace!  Hey, man!  Hey, Gace!

Everyone also knows what Isa's favorite thing at Sam's Club is

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Queen of Distraction

This is why I'm so easily distracted -
because technology sucks me in like a
like a....
I can't think of anything funny or witty - but let's just say I am easily wooed by blogs/blogging, tweets, FB,
my husband's hotness
(wait - that's not technologcal! - silly me),
emails, texting, etc.  Good thing we have four children to keep me on task:

Gigi's bothering me!
I'm hungry!
I need to go potty!
Where is my (thing that can only be seen & found by my eyes)?
The baby needs you!
Isabella's on top of (anything that can be climbed). 
What's for dinner? 

I woke up super early yesterday to get my workout on - which means by 7:48pm, I was ready for night

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mature Conversations

So my friends like to make fun of me because I often say things to them that really,
I should only say to my girls like:

Are you going night night soon?
Do you need to go potty?

What?  You never do that?
I mean, isn't it funny when other people do that?

Here are some other great ones that can be heard in our home on any given day -

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hot Momma

Nothing hotter than this chick trying to pick up all 44.1 pounds of this Photo Source
and elegantly placing it in the bottom of our cart while grocery shopping.

Absolutely nothing.

On a side note: Bill made me breakfast this morning. Nothing fancy, but enough to get my day started right. Thanks, babe - you rock my face off!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pie, A Date, A Witch, and Some Milk

We had our friends over for dinner Friday night. I love them. It's always good to spend time with old friends. We had this for dessert. Photo Source
I thought it was
Bill wasn't a huge fan, but that's ok -
I have no problem eating the leftovers.
No problem. at. all.
You should make it and tell me if I'm right -
is it as awesome as I think it is?

Saturday, Bill and I went on a date. Date nights are awesome!
Not so awesome when your date gets sick

Friday, March 4, 2011

Alternative Consequences

So when our girls need some good discipline, besides
(or in addition to!) giving them a good ol' spanking - we like to use consequences. Using consequences is especially entertaining because the little ones don't quite know how to pronounce the word so that adds to our "meanest parents in the world" fun.

Let's say that after dinner, you're going to have a
fun-filled game night with your girls.
Let's say your two oldest decide they want to play
Cat in the Hat (great game by the way!)
with their daddy.
We'll spend an awesome hour together full of good times
and make great memories.
Let's say your oldest decides she doesn't want to play Cat in the Hat anymore. She'd rather play

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dinner Conversation

During emergency situations, there's a room at Espy's school where
students & staff can go for their safety.
They call it the secret room.

I want to know where the secret room is.
I can't tell you, Daddy.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ramblings over Coffee

I don't like sand art. It's messy.

I love my girls' creative instincts -
because I have...none.
At all.

I don't like laundry. It never gets done. Ever.
I mean - ever.
I can nevercheck it off!...
and you know how crazy Type As like to check things off.

I am thankful that we have laundry to do.
Not a joke -

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Handwriting Game

I randomly saw this post the other day.
Oddly enough, I enjoy the actual act of writing.
I also enjoy other people's handwriting -
which might be equally as odd.

All you have to do is answer the following questions
in your own spectacular handwriting:

1. What’s your name / blogger name?
2. What’s your blog's URL?
3. Write, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
4. Favorite quote?
5. Your favorite song?
6. Your favorite band / singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
8. Tag 3 bloggers to participate.

I am tagging Amanda, Cindy, and Lindsey to continue this little game.
Love these girls!
Even if you didn't get tagged (I only got to tag three!), please do this & leave a link in the comments. I'd love to see your handwriting.
Amanda, Cindy, and Lindsey - I hope you can get the game moving!