Thursday, October 1, 2009

In My Absence

What in the world has been going on since my last post???
Espy loves kindergarten.
Gianna loves preschool.
Isabella is 13 months old.
It all makes me kind of sad.
Espy's going to play basketball.
It should be interesting because she's just like me,
and I don't play -
at all.
Gianna starts gymnastics soon.
Gianna in a leotard will be spectacular.
Isabella likes to play in toilet water.
Not so spectacular.
Bill rocked a 5k coming in first place.
Espy started soccer, and her daddy's her coach.
Some friends got married!
Espy was their flower girl.
I was a bridesmaid.
Espy was super cute.
Two sweet baby girls were born.
Another baby is going to be born any minute now!
I still want to have another baby.
Bill's not convinced.
Bill smoked a 1/2 marathon, coming in first, again.
I'm superproud of my running husband.
It makes me want to run,
for a minute,
then I get home and return to mommy world.
Bill and I went on a date.
It didn't go as planned,
but that's another post.
I found some new music courtesy of one friend.
I rediscovered some old music courtesy of another.
I baked a pie.
It was yummy.

What have you been doing in my absence?
I'd love to know!
Running ahead of oneself by orangeacid.
Photo by: Dan Foy / CC BY 2.0

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