Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Don't Know What To Do

Our six-year old has coined a new phrase that her three-year old sister is quickly picking up on.


Whenever Espy or Gianna start the whine-fest, I immediately go into my own schpeel:

Look at all these toys and games!

Some kids don't have all these things.

Ok, let's get all the stuff you don't want to play with
and give them away.
(The response to this is: Nooooooo!!!)

Why don't you (fill in the blank)?
(This one can be repeated over and over and over again.)

I love when my girls play independently. At the same time, I want to make sure I'm providing great experiences for them to learn and enjoy life. Sure I can buy them every toy in the world (so I can't buy them literally every toy - you know what I mean), but that's not the type of enjoyment I want to give them.

It's times like these when posts like this give me a great perspective on loving my kids the way I really want to.

Sure the girls won't know what to do from time to time,
but hopefully I'm doing my part to make that less of an issue.

Hopefully it encourages you the way it encouraged me!
Free Purple Lilac Flowers and Converse All Stars Creative Commons by Pink Sherbet Photography.
Photo by: D Sharon Pruitt

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