Wednesday, October 3, 2012

...and Parenthood Continues To Squeeze My Soul

my own personal version of Parenthood
Tuesdays provide many opportunities to develop patience - for both me and the husband.  We both go to bed the night before with good intentions of great things when morning comes, but we know in our minds that these particular days are extremely busy - and we sometimes find ourselves jumping crazily
through the hoops that Tuesdays bring.

We love the fact that our girls enjoy different activities, but as they're getting older - we're getting a taste of what our future may hold.  I won't bore you with the details of all the ridiculousness, but I will share these fun tidbits because they always add random bursts of laughter throughout my day.  They all happen to be from our Isabella, who is the funniest four year old I know:

On wearing shin guards -
Momma, I have to wear knee sculptures so I won't get kicked.

Passing out stickers to her friends at church -
I will give you blue, and you will say thank you.

If you throw sand at the playground, you can die. 
Were you throwing sand at the playground today?

No, the boy in the yellow shirt threw it at my pants - but I didn't die. I just told his teacher.

Wow Mom, that's big pants.  Say thank you, Momma. 

Momma, that light was yellow.  You're supposed to go slow, not go fast.  Why are you going fast, Momma?  Yellow means slow down.  That's the rule!

So by the end of our Tuesdays, it helps me to have an emotional release.  That usually comes in the form of watching Parenthood.  I realize this is only a television show, but it's one that
everyone can relate to:
the families that we might have
the relationships that we might be in
the situations that we might face.

All it takes is a shared look, an empathetic tear, or a sweet word - and I'm done.  This will happen throughout the show AND during the preview of the following week's episode!

Kristina's storyline is especially personal this season.

Maileen has been wonderful about keeping all of us updated on her battle with cancer.  Because we are well-informed about her tests, treatments, and surgeries - we are able to pray for her specifically.  In my mind, I know they struggle emotionally with the gravity of it all.  However, I can only imagine how scary and heart-wrenching this has been (and continues to be) for my family.  Everyone who has been touched by the effects of cancer has a different story.  However, the first two episodes of Parenthood have helped me empathize more with just a touch of what this past year and a half has been like for Maileen and Peter - her diagnosis, her treatment(s), the waiting.

After the tears are shed, I thank God for the family and friends that I have - as lovely and dysfunctional as we are.  I'm also reminded that my journey continues to unfold.  As Bill and the girls' stories weave into the pages of my own, my hope is that I will seize the opportunities I have to love them fully.  Years down the road, I want the girls to remember fondly the memories of their childhood while they embark on their own paths.

Girls - When you're all grown up, please don't forget to call your mom at least
every other night to tell her all about your adventures!

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