Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Get Outta Here with All That Awesomeness

December 2012
What a fantastic way to start out our year:

January 19
Today my Radiologist/Oncologist called to let us know the results of my MRI on the Jan 14th 2013.  I have no new growth, and from what they could see only scar tissue is left - which is expected with how many 'shots' I got during my Sept 7th 2012 Gamma Knife surgery.  He will not need to see me for another 6 months.  I was declared cancer clear from the neck down on Sept 4th, 2012.  Now, I am cancer clear from the neck up - just in time to return to Honduras in a couple weeks.
GOD IS FAITHFUL...stage FOUR (aggressive breast cancer that metastases to an infested liver and later got secondary brain tumors).......to now........stage FREE...:D  Thank you for praying with Peter, Marissa, and me - through this part of our journey of growth.  What a blessing to be under the care and love of a Merciful Heavenly Father...Love you LORD...and thanks to so many family, friends, and caregiving staff that helped us get through this stage in our life....Investing in one another reaps sweet blessings in both the good and hard times. 
January 27
 I pray women going through cancer discover beauty through their journey.  I did and have - and I could not have done so without God, faithful prayer warriors from my family and friends, and sweet caregivers (....I used western medicine and a ton of lifestyle changes in diet, scheduling, time of stillness, sleep and laughter.).  We are each fearfully and wonderfully made and worth loving and fighting for - for there's a ton of beauty in who you are created to be.

 Many of you have been amazing about praying for my cousin, Maileen, and her journey with cancer.  I'll love you forever for that.  In just a few days - Peter, Maileen, and Marissa will be heading home to Honduras.  Would you pray for a smooth transition back for their family?  Much love from the bottom of our family's heart.  We are so thankful!

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