Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Not My Most Favorite Day Of The Year

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Yesterday marked the big day - when summer officially made its exit.  Three of our girls are in elementary school now, and my heart aches even typing that sentence.  I'm a soft, emotional pile of gushiness when it comes to these tiny (some not so tiny) beings.  I don't think I'll ever be able to shake that quality - even though they continue to grow & change by the minute.

Isabella woke up first (thankfully after I was dressed & had my first cup of coffee in hand).  I would say she was the most excited of the three.  First of all - she's a big girl now (apparently you get big girl status when you turn five years old).  Secondly, she's in Kindergarten (only big girls allowed in there).  And most importantly, she's going to school with her sister Gianna
(I'm so excited about riding the bus, Mom!).
Gianna and Espy followed suit - having breakfast and getting ready for the day.  All of them tolerated the photo shoot(s?) I put them through which I'm always thankful for.  As mom, I'm official memory keeper of the family so we will be taking pictures every first day of school
(sorry in advance, girls).
A good friend asked if I cry every year.  That I do, at some point of the process - even if I will myself not to.  Yesterday it was during breakfast.  Evangeline was still asleep, but her sisters were eating breakfast & chit chatting about their new teachers, classes, and friends - no bottles, no diapers, no random crying - just three girls having breakfast together.  I had to go into the kitchen and have a moment -
a moment to enjoy their sweetness with each other
a moment to be thankful for their unique selves
a moment to forever remember them just as they were:
hair tousled, pajamas wrinkled, and eyes brightened with thoughts of a new day
not a fan of the first day of school

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Victoria Adams said...

i always asked the Lord to control my emotions. and He did - until they left for college. that just about killed me. is sweet to know,as we onward go, the way of the cross leads home!