Friday, November 1, 2013

Good In The Chaos

The house is a mess.
The laundry is piling up.
I should probably clean these glass doors that have more than a smudge or two on them.

Our bedroom: atrocious.
The floors need a good cleaning.
Switching out the girls' seasonal clothes has been going on longer than I'd like to admit.

As the girls are getting older, they're getting involved more with friends, school, and activities.  Bill has been busy with different aspects of work.  I oftentimes feel torn between what I need to and what I want to do.

Those of you who know me personally know how much I love my husband.  It's kind of ridiculous.  Yet this same man that I love completely is the same man who can drive me the most crazy.  That's fun.  I would say that this season of our lives have been the hardest (even more difficult than having a newborn!) - just even in these last couple of months.  

It's a struggle at the moment to find the time to communicate and spend time with each other.  When we're both running on empty, our patience is less than stellar for each other and our girls.  At the same time, amazing things are happening with friends and family - and God is working.  Bill and I are in a fantastic place to see life stories change, and we're excited to be along for the ride.

Instead of focusing on all the things that I should or could be doing,
today I will be thankful.

Life cannot be taken too seriously when your favorite dresses like this:

And despite the everyday struggles, there are these fantastic little people that forgive their mother's imperfections time and time again:
Despite all of the pull my hair out moments, there is happiness.
In the midst of the daily chaos, there is good.
Through the bickering, there is laughter.
I am thankful for the Love that carries me day in and day out.


Lindsey said...

Love it and I just died over the costumes!! :). This too has been our hardest season. Rarely spending quality time together...and all those to-dos you listed...I have the same ones. you cant walk into our room without breaking something right now. That bad! ButbI am strangely happy and yes through the chaos there are wonderful moments that keep me (us) going. :)

Jannette Presson said...

I feel like we too are in the same season. My volume has definitely been louder to everyone than normal and the house looks like 4 tornados ran through it all the time. But I took am so thankful that this year it's all 4 of us and not just 3.

Grace Manning said...

I can't get over how short that costume was on Bill because he's so tall! I rest in the fact that we love God and each other - I just miss time with him right now if that makes sense!

Grace Manning said...

I'm so happy Jef's home! Our personalities definitely work against us sometimes ;)