Monday, October 17, 2011

Beach Getaway

We just spent the weekend in Corolla with some friends.
Kristen and I have come to the conclusion that we'd like to go back right now. 
Reality is not as fun as relaxing at the beach!

This could possibly be my most favorite picture from this weekend,

but I still need to steal Kristen's 694 pictures so it might get demoted.
It was a great couple of days with the typical little person meltdowns
and random pain-filled episodes,
but I think we all agree that it was a good time.
It's now back to our normal schedules and routines -
but I'm thankful for: 

reactions to stickers
never-ending chili
grown-up drinks
random sweet moments between our kids
Just Dance 2 competitions
sand castles
kids' jacuzzi-sized bubble baths

Wife to Husband
"Hey, I'm going to change the baby's diaper (take out the trash, wash the car, etc.)."

followed with
"Aren't you going to change the baby's diaper (take out the trash, wash the car, etc.)?"

Aaron, Kristen, Tyler, Hayden and Hayley Jo:
Thanks for spending the weekend with us -
we love you guys!

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Kristen said...

Thank YOU for an awesome weekend! We love you guys too! and for the record.....i only have 160 pictures, sorry to disappoint =) i am thankful for being able to relax, get away from the busy routine of normal life, and to be together with my family and another awesome family that loves God! so....when's the next trip? :)