Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Check Yes or No

You would think two sisters, a hermit crab, some fish and two dogs would be enough for these two.
Not so much.

I was given two notes one morning before school -  literally.
We were getting ready to walk out the door.
Gianna exclaimed, "Read them!"
Espy told me she would get a pencil so that I could give them my answer.

Dear Mom,

If you give MY OWN
kitty I will be resposbl
for it, and wene the powels come over I will keep the kitten in my room.


check yes or no if I get one
yes          no
 _____     _____

Dear Mom
I want a bunny and I will be respoabl for it.


yes          no
 _____     _____
 Check yes or no if I can get one.

Good effort, girls.
Good effort.

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