Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Isabella's Last Day

Last week, we celebrated Isabella's last day of preschool with a class party at a local park.  The park has a newly renovated (to us at least - we hadn't been there since they remodeled) playground overlooking a river.  The kids had lots of fun in all the different play areas.

Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Nunez were awesome and provided all of our delicious snacks.  It was a great way to close out the year.  We love our preschool, and we LOVE our teachers!  Both Espy and Gianna have had Mrs. Burke, so it's been a special treat for Isabella to have her this year.  There was a momentary cry of sadness from Isabella when we left the park, but that was quickly resolved with the promise of Chick-fil-A for lunch.

We're hoping we get someone just as wonderful as Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Nunez this coming fall!

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