Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Just Got Better

We had an amazing, crazy busy weekend, and everyone woke up this
morning like they hadn't slept in three days.

The girls are usually pretty good about getting ready for school, but

-Espy "got attacked" by our dogs while she was trying to feed them and came in
traumatized and crying

-Gianna didn't want to go to school this morning because she had a tummy ache, and she just wanted to stay home and help me watch the twins

-Isabella missed her daddy VERY much this weekend and exclaimed, "Daddy, can you play with me?  Daddy, will you please play with me?  I just want to play with you, Dad!" over and over and over again in between all the tears.

-Evangeline kept trying to steal my smoothie and didn't want to keep her shorts on.

On Friday, Bill and the big girls had dinner and spent some time with their cousins since
NeNe and PaPa were in town.

On Saturday - Isabella had a soccer game, Gianna had her soccer game, and then we headed to Smithfield to watch our niece play a double-header.  It normally would take us at the most 45 minutes to get to this ball field - it took us TWO HOURS.  Thank goodness for lots of food and an extra cup for one of our daughters who has the smallest bladder in the world.

On Sunday, Bill spoke at our church since our pastor was out of town.  I love when Bill speaks (and I'm not just saying that because he's my husband - promise).  Bill is always open and honest when he's up there, and God used his transparency yesterday to help us know Him more.  Even through our biggest doubts and even in the midst of our most challenging struggles, He is always faithful.  Definitely contact me if you'd like a link to his message - it won't disappoint.

We had lunch at Plaza, headed home, and prepped for our week.  The girls made their lunches and picked out their outfits for school.  Bill got ready for middle school youth group.  On Sunday nights, the big girls get to go to a children's program at a church (where they play Upward basketball).  It's a nice way to end our weekends.

With everything going on, I can't blame everyone for waking up grumpy this morning.  Thankfully, we only have one soccer practice this afternoon so hopefully we can get some rest tonight.  Grabbing a cup of DD on the way home and walking up to this helps, too:


Lindsey said...

Well, we all have this kind of Monday sometimes don't we! I gotta listen to Bill's sermon. Sounds like something I need to hear. I hope the rest of this day is loverly!


Grace said...

Thanks, Linds - it was a great message (not just saying that 'cause he's my hubby) ;) Hope you're having a good day!