Thursday, September 13, 2012

Parenthood Wrecks Me (The First Day of School)

Did you watch Parenthood the other night?  If you didn't, you should - because it's awe-some.  Bill and I don't watch much TV, but if we do - it's rare that we find something we both really enjoy.

Enter Parenthood.

I can't remember a time when I didn't shed at least one tear during the show.
While we're watching - Bill will ask,
Are you crying?
as if he's surprised.  Those who know me well know that I cry - easily.  It's a problem really, but we've managed to work with it.

Parenthood is honest and real and funny and genuine all at the same time.  Its transparency regarding the craziness in families and in life draws me in every week.

At the closing of the first episode of this season, Haddie is at the airport heading off to college.  She and her parents are putting on brave faces, and I almost fell off of the couch.  My heart ached - especially for Haddie's mom.  My mind immediately jumped to our girls, and I thought - only ten more years.  Only ten more years, and that will be us - saying goodbye to our oldest.

Ten years?  You say that ten years is a long time, but I can assure you - it is not.  I promise you that yesterday these girls were waking me up in the middle of the night - wanting to be held.
Just a few days before that they were actually a part of me.
Now look at them.

(Thanks to Robyn for all the great printables!)

I'm trying to soak in these moments because time keeps rushing by.  She's no joke and waits for no one. As I try to battle the urge to grab that List or run that errand or tidy up that clutter,
I'm hoping to enjoy and rest easy in all
the questions
the homework
the sassiness
the carpooling
the fights
the sports
the mess.

I want us all to look back and smile at our time together.
I want them to remember big hugs, loud laughs, and warm snuggles.
I want the girls to embrace their childhood and be thankful for the mom that God gave them.

Looking forward to a great school year with our third grader, first grader,
preschooler, and almost two-year old!


Mom of Three said...

Oh man I finally caught up and watched Parenthood this morning before work, and it had me in pieces as well. It's such a great show. Your right 10 years is not that long away.....Scares me.

Grace said...

I LOVE it! I didn't get to watch all the episodes last season so I need to kind of catch up ;) We're going to have SO many teenage girls under one roof in ten years!