Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Things He Says

all dolled up for Joel & Becky's wedding (Dec 2012)
I've mentioned more than once that Bill and I are complete opposites.

He's thoughtful, sincere, and pretty open about how he feels about me - and everything else for that matter.  I often say things before I even think them through.  However, when I'm upset - I'd rather clean angrily than have a thoughtful conversation.

He has an even personality and is extremely easygoing.  This very much contradicts my up and down demeanor.  Pair that with my intense emotions with regards to whatever I'm passionate about at the moment, and Bill is often in for quite the ride.

Because we are so different, I am typically the recipient of the romantic gestures in our relationship.  On Valentine's Day, Bill put notes in each of the rooms of our home thanking me for this and that.  One of the notes read:

You do it all in here: pay the bills, make grocery lists, plan the calendar, watch kids, play with our girls, teach them piano, relax with me, chat with your girlfriends, and clean up 2000 toys every day.  You are a very talented and gifted woman!
Love you,

So sweet, right?  However, along with that charm comes blatant honesty.  In response, I usually laugh - but in actuality, Bill really wants me to take him seriously.  Here are some of my favorites:

On hair:
Please don't ever cut your hair short again.
-as I observe and point out cute haircuts when we're out and about.

On social media:
I don't want to be on Instagram (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
-as my hand (on phone) gets ready to take a picture, post a status, or send a tweet.

On humor:
Your "your mom" jokes aren't funny.
-as I bless him with my hilarity during our alone time together.
For the record, I think they're fantastic.

On bodily functions:
Grace, please don't fart on our date.  Seriously.
-wait.  What?

On morning activities:
Roll over, honey.
I want to hold you, but I don't want to smell your breath.
-as I scoot over for cuddle time before getting out of bed for the day.

Here's to always cultivating the love and the candor in all of our relationships.
There's definitely a lot of both in ours.

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