Thursday, July 11, 2013

Isabella Talk

There's something about the ages of three and four that make discussions awesome and funny most of the time.  Or maybe it's just our four-year old's personality?  At any rate, please enjoy these fantastic conversations that we've had with our Isabella the last few weeks or so:

ISA: Mom, when are we going to get a new baby?
ME: A baby in my belly?
ISA: Yes.
ME: Oh, we're not going to have any more babies in my belly.
ISA: But, why?  When I was at Tita and Tito's house, I was watching when they were getting married.  Guess what?  I saw Gianna in your belly.  But how did she get in there?
ME: God put her there.
ISA: But how did she gonna come out?
ME: This way.
ISA: Oh!  Did you cry?
ME: No, I just pushed really hard.
ISA: You should just bang on the top of your head so she can come out.
ME: You're funny, Isabella.

ISA: I wish I could color the wall.
ME: No, Isabella.
ISA: Why not?
ME: It'll be pretty!
ISA: No, thank you.

ISA: When's the next baby coming, Mom?  I like all these babies.

ISA: Caillou's mom has boobies.
ME: That's because she's a grown-up girl.
ISA: Do you have boobies, Mom?
ME: Do I?
ISA: Yes - that's because you're a girl.
ME: You're right, Isabella.  Mommy is a girl.

LOLA: Isabella, did you find the ring I bought you?
ISA: No!  I don't know where it is!
LOLA: It's ok.  It's just a ring.
ISA: But I need it for when I growed up and get married.

ME: Isabella, stop messing with Baby Jonathan.
ISA: I...{shrugs shoulders} just love him.

ISA: Mommy, look at me - do I look fascinating?

ME: Are you all done in the bathroom, Isabella?
ISA: Yes!  Do you smell it?

ISA: I wish you could be a real mom.
ME: What do you mean?
ISA: Real moms don't spank children.

Just for my girl:
Sweet Isabella,
You bring sunshine into my day, and you don't even know it.  I'm sorry when I get easily frustrated with you, or don't make the time for you that I should.  I think you're amazing no matter what.  I love you, and I'm so happy God let me be your mom.  Never lose how much you love life and how most everything makes you happy & excited.  You are my most favorite Isabella ever.
Love you forever,

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