Thursday, June 20, 2013

Arizona 2013

Our group (29 total) is waiting at the airport ready to fly out to Phoenix (via Atlanta) for their Arizona Mission Trip.  Three individuals are flying out of Norfolk, and the rest of the group is flying
out of Newport News.  Thanks to all of you who have been praying and supporting this trip (and the trips in previous years).  Because of God's grace and your love & encouragement, this trip is possible.

For our awesome parents (and spouses!), here are our estimated arrival times:
*Atlanta at 9:28am
*Phoenix at 11:58am

We are beyond excited to see God work in the lives of our group and in the Navajos.  Many of these relationships have been developed over the years, and both groups have been anticipating this trip since the end of our previous one (last summer).

Please pray for safety and open hearts - and that the love of God would be pouring out of our group wherever they are.  Thanks again for your prayers - they are already being felt.


Christen said...

Looks like an awesome group! Praying for safety today!

Grace said...

Thanks, Chris - I'm excited for them!

Lindsey said...

yay! thanks for keeping us updated!

Grace said...

Thanks for coming by this AM, Linds - so thoughtful of you!