Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Other Mom

I have mentioned before that I'm surrounded by awesome women - it's amazing.

One of these ladies has a birthday today, and we wish we were there to celebrate with her.  Judy is Bill's mom, my other mom, and the girls' NeNe.
She is gorgeous inside and out, and I'm not just saying that.  How does one get more and more beautiful as she gets older?  I don't know, but she does a great job of it.

To say that I'm intimidated by her awesomeness is not even the half of it.  The first time Bill invited me over to their house for dinner, I was a nervous wreck.  I will never forget walking into their living room and seeing her sitting on the couch - beautiful (as always) and as sweet as can be.

I was (and am) a huge fan of hers (and her son - clearly).  She's been nothing but supportive as
Bill & I became friends, dated, got married, and started our family.  She's been involved in our girls' lives from the moment they were born - either by supporting us in the delivery room or watching little ones while we went to the hospital.  The girls love her like crazy and cherish the time
they get to spend with her.
I'm crazy blessed that all of our parents get along - I know that's a rarity these days.  It might even be slightly weird - but it's true.  Not only do they get along, but they really love (and like!) each other.  It makes my heart full when we're all together.
Judy's an incredible cook and as crafty as they come.  Not only that, she has a heart of gold - and the love flows for Tommy/PaPa, her children, and all of her grandchildren.  If we love you, then Judy loves you.  If you've had the pleasure of ever meeting her in person - I know that you've felt welcomed & loved right from the start.
  Happy Birthday - we love you!

Dear Judy,
Thank you for being awesome.
Thank you for loving God and loving us.
Thank you for raising a son who is an amazing friend & husband and a fantastic father to four girls.
Thank you for your generosity.
Thank you for coming to visit us when our schedule doesn't allow us to visit you & PaPa more.
Thank you for cooking and baking for us without complaint - everything is always amazing!
Thank you for loving me all the time.
I know where your son gets his patient heart.
I love you & I hope you have a fantastic birthday - you certainly deserve it.
Love you forever - your brown daughter,

*For more on how much I love you: one, two, three, and four.*

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