Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Musts

I don't necessarily have to do these things every Monday,
but today I must:

make our bed -
I just don't feel right until it's done.
have a
cup of coffee - maybe two since I stayed up 'til 4 this morning (oops).
I made this cup of coffee and it danced for me by waɪ.tiː.
go for a run -

there's a bridesmaid's dress looming in my immediate future.

clean my desk -
I would post a picture, but I'm embarrassed.
check out the damage on three

chocolate chip pancake-eating little girls!
Chocolate Chip Pancakes by ohdearbarb.
What must you do today? Leave me a comment,
I'd love to know what's going on in your world!


Jan Serda said...

These girls are so lucky to have such a bright Mommy! They are destined for greatness with a Mom like you, Gracie. This is such a special site, and I have added to my favorites so I can stay up to date with your exciting Mommy life! It's no easy job, but someone's gotta do it! (lol) Beautiful family Grace! Good work! xoxox

Amanda said...

Well... I've already done it, but today I had to loan Jessica what felt like my life savings for her tuition bill, do Mom's bank runs, finish a cake course, call BINGO, and catch up with a college friend. Big days all around!