Friday, January 15, 2010

Party Time

Our friend Bob had open heart surgery on Tuesday.
I love Bob.
Bill loves Bob.
My girls love Bob.
We love Bob's family.
Lots of love going on around here.
Trying to explain open heart surgery to a three and five year old is not an easy task. Bill is so much better at that stuff than I am.
Thank goodness.

Anyway, Espy & Gianna have planned a birthday party for Bob because of his heart surgery.


Bob's birthday is in June.
I told the girls that. They still want to have a birthday party for him.
I also told the girls that Bob would be in the hospital for several days.
They still want to party.
I also told them that it would be awhile before
Bob could come over to our house.
They're still party planning.

There's a plethora of homemade decorations
on our dining room table for Bob's "birthday" party.
We also have lots of band-aids for Bob's boo-boos.
Plain or Hello Kitty.
Espy says he can pick.
Gianna also has great plans of Bob getting comfy on our couch and
spending the night "if he wants to."

The birthday party might not happen (if it all!) for awhile,
but it sure is cute watching the girls get ready for it.
Free Fun Happy Colorful Birthday Party Balloons Creative Commons by Pink Sherbet Photography.
Photo by: D Sharon Pruitt

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