Sunday, January 24, 2010

Treadmill for Haiti

We have a treadmill in our living room.
I was VERY excited about the treadmill when we bought it,
and used it on the regular once upon a time.
Now the treadmill is used for tumbling, dancing, and swinging.
It's time to say goodbye to Mr. Treadmill.
Besides, the husband insists I run outside (when I do) so I can train for all these races he thinks I'm going to run.

Here's the thing - Haiti's been on our hearts ever since the earthquake. We've given some, but we want to give so much more. We're selling good ol' Mr. Treadmill - and by old, I mean two years old. I'm thinking whoever offers the best price gets it. Ingenious, I know.

All the money we get for Mr. Treadmill will go towards
Churches Helping Churches.

If you're interested - please leave a comment here, write me at, or send me a FB message.
What? We're not FB friends??
Well, we should be!

Hampton Roads area residents only, please.
Bidding starts at $75.
I bet the husband will even deliver the treadmill right to your house!
Ok, I'll ask first - but I'm sure he would.

I hope we can sell Mr. Treadmill.
I'm excited about helping Haiti.

1 comment:

Grace said...

1st Bid from Stephanie @ $100!!!