Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sometimes (Revisited)

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Sometimes, I don't want to fold the clothes.  I don't want to put them away.  I don't want to make lunches.  I don't want to vacuum the carpet or clean the floors.  I get tired of repeating the same things over and over and over again.  I get stressed over the schedules, the budget, the appointments, the practices, the meetings, and the To Do lists.
Sometimes I get overwhelmed.

Then I remember that:
We have more clothes than we will ever need.  Our stomachs are always full.  Our children are healthy and happy.  My husband loves me, really loves me - and on and on and on.
I am beyond blessed - truly.

I have Someone who walks this journey with me -
the peaks and the valleys
the humdrum
I have Someone who has gone before me and who understands everything that I experience.
I have Someone beside me day in and day out.
I have Someone who holds my hand and guides me moment by moment.
I have Someone who carries me through this life when I'm too tired to keep walking myself.
Then I'm reminded (sometimes gently - other times: not so much) that this life isn't about me.
It's not about 
my comforts, my wants, or my needs.

I'm here to point others to Him so that they too can have Someone - always.

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