Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Final Shenanigans

Note to Self:
Don't forget about your awesome time away with The Husband (see below).

Poor Bill got sick Friday night.  I didn't even hear him wake up around 3am to spend time in the bathroom.  When I woke up the next morning, he wasn't in our room.  I called for him, and he was laying on the couch with a sore stomach - yuck.  Thankfully it was just one horrible round of sickness - we're blaming it on too much awesome food at once.

We went back to that antique store, and they were open!  We picked up a ridiculously cute mini Radio Flyer for Miss Evangeline.  Look how much she loves it:

We booked massages at an adorable day spa.
Please notice our extremely relaxed selves right after our appointment:

We headed to The Peanut Shop to buy gifts for all the grandparents and sample (just a few) of the goods.  After that we went to a few stores to look for some little girl souvies.  Bill indulged me and modeled hats so I could show our girls: 

We hit the outlets and went shopping - with no children - for ourselves!  After that, we had a late lunch at a tiki bar that was amazing.  I had leftovers, and they were just as delicious.

I just finished the trilogy the week beforehand so Bill took me to see The Hunger Games.  I was extremely excited.  I cant' wait until Catching Fire comes out.  Next year.  On my birthday!

On the way home, we picked up a pizza for dinner and had some time to relax in the hot tub.  Usually, I'm either with child or with an itty bitty when we take our summer vacations so it was a treat to enjoy the hot tub without worrying about the little ones!

The next morning we cleaned up the house and
stopped by that same roadside deli for breakfast on our way out.

I have to thank our parents and friends for taking care of our girls while were gone.  We couldn't have done it without them.  We had SUCH an amazing time reconnecting and enjoying being together.  It sounds super cliche, but it really doesn't matter where we are - I just love getting to spend time with The Husband.  Can't wait til next year!

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