Thursday, March 31, 2011



-you don't get to shower first thing in the AM
-you don't get to go to the gym
-one of your daughters doesn't know what to do
-the baby just wants to be held
-the ToDoList doesn't even get touched
-you drop your phone in a glass of tea
-your husband has to work late
-your daughter tells you "you're the meanest mom EVER!!!"
for nearly an hour
-you don't get to eat dinner until 8:36pm...if you can shovel it in really fast
-the kids just don't want to go to bed
-it seems like the laundry will never end - oh wait, that will never end.  never.  ever.
-you don't get along with your family
-you don't get along with your children
-you don't get along with your bff forever and ever AKA your husband


someone you love so much gets sick
all you can do is pray


-your bff forever and ever AKA your husband pours granola over your yogurt because you're holding the baby and you can't
-you get to grab coffee, eat breakfast, or have lunch with a friend 
-your wild child hugs you so tight you can hardly breathe
-that same child says, I love you, Mommy
and you know she means it
-you get a late night visit from sweet friends
-you laugh and laugh and laugh
-you get to workout
-you get to dance in the kitchen with your girls and your husband
-a friend brings you a brownie AND a Starbucks gift card
-your mom comes over so you can take a shower
-you realize disagreements just aren't that important anymore
-you can walk into a friend's house and just start crying,
and it's ok
-your daughter wants to blog because you do
 -you get an email
or message
or text
or phone call
just when you need it
-your girls pray with strength and confidence leading you to do the same
because, of course, our God is listening
right, Mommy?