Tuesday, March 19, 2013

18 Years In 35 Minutes Or Less - And Go

I knew my friend was going to be in the area (via social media - of course).  I had a fleeting thought to try and connect with her, but like most of my thoughts - it was interrupted by a dirty diaper, a ToDo list, a math problem, dinner prep, or all of the above.

I got all sorts of excited when I found this in my inbox:

Hey...I'm [in town] for a couple of days...alone, no babies :)  where are u?  Wanna grab coffee?

I enthusiastically responded with:

I would LOVE that!  ...  I keep children during the day, and our evenings are crazy - but, do you think you could sneak away "early" tomorrow morning?  I plan on running an errand or two and would love to grab coffee before or after it if works with your schedule!!

Give me a time...after 9am works well.  Nephew will be gone to school then  :)

I was thinking 6/7ish AM - too early??  I'm crazy - I know.  I have to be back to get the bigger ones ready for school and home for our little ones and the little boy I take care of...

lawd... I think I can make it... lemme check...  

Our conversation continued with the logistics of where and when,
and I was so excited to wake up and get to see her this morning!

The last time Na'imah and I were in real life together was probably at our high school graduation.
In 1995.  Almost 18 years ago!  Seriously?  The last time I saw her I wasn't even 18 yet - that's a little bit ridiculous and hard to wrap my brain around.  Although it's been that long since we've physically been with one another, I feel like we've been able to see each other grow and change because we live in such a crazy technological age (one of the positives of this
thing called the internet).

I'm so happy we got to spend those moments together at Starbucks this morning.  It felt like time never passed, and we were in high school again - but not really.  You know what I mean.  She's still the same girl I knew - just more beautiful and grown up and and all that good stuff.  We picked up right were we left off updating each other on life, the men, our babies and anything and everything in between.  Our lives couldn't be more different yet our personalities so much alike -
inside twins if you will.

God carved out that special time with an extraordinary woman just for me, and I'm so thankful.
Until next time, friend - big hugs and blessings.

Maybe our next coffee date will be in Barbados?
I'll talk to Bill about that.

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