Sunday, March 24, 2013

Eleven Years

Happy Anniversary to my most favorite one of all!

He knows my highs, and he knows my lows - and yet he still loves me more than anyone else on the planet.  He deserves way more than I could give him, but he chose me for this journey.

For eleven years, we've trudged on loving each other the best we know how.  I have moments where I'm fantastic at being his wife.  At other times (most times), he's ridiculously good at being my husband.  When we're on the same page, it's nearly perfect.

Just a few footprints along the way...
2001 - And So It Begins
2001 - Road Trip (PA/WV)
March 24, 2002
2002 - Wedding Kisses
2003 - Teaching/Coaching Days
2004 - Two Become Three
2004 - Christmas at NeNe's
2005 - Espy Turns One
2006 - Three Become Four
2006 - Merry Christmas!
2007 - California Trip
2007 - Token Family Picture
2008 - Four Become Five
2008 - Christmas
2009 - Thanksgiving
2010 - Thanksgiving
2010 - Five Become Six
2011 - Dodgeball Tourney
2012 - Date Night
2012 - Handforth/Esperanza Wedding
Looking forward to the rest of CrazyTown with you by my side, Babe - I love you forever.


Gloria said...

That was a perfect summary of 11 years of marriage. I am so blessed to have you as my first born and to have Bill as my first son-in-law. God is great and so good to us! Love you both so much and the girls of course.

Jennifer J. said...

Absolutely a beautiful blog post! Thanks so much for sharing such a special part of your life! Happy Anniversary! May God bless ya'll for an eternity!

Grace said...

Mom - You're the best! You know I got the better end of the deal when God gave me you & Dad as parents. For real.

Grace said...

Jennifer - thanks so much! Marriage is hard work - we know that as wives ;) so Bill & I are happy with eleven years (even with the ups & downs)!

Victoria Adams said...

i am new to your blog. What a beautiful family of sisters!

Grace said...

Welcome to our little part of the internet, Victoria - feel free to look around! We're certainly thankful for our girls!