Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Might Throw Up

always a party in Isabella-land 
Even though they're sisters, each of the girls have such unique and different personalities.  With one phrase or gesture, I can see myself in an instant.  In the very next moment, they are clearly their father's daughters.  On the way home from preschool today, Isabella simultaneously displayed her flair for dramatics (her mother) while fully utilizing her bathroom words (her father).

We had the windows down because it was a nice spring-like day.  (Apparently no one told tomorrow's forecast that because it's supposed to snow - crazy Virginia weather.)  A few landscapers were doing some work near Isabella's preschool.  

All of a sudden from the back of the van - I hear,
MOM!  What is that smell?  Change their diapers!  I think I'm going to throw up.  I think I really am!

I responded with,
It's mulch, honey.  It helps keep plants healthy and yards looking nice.

It smells like poo.  I think it really smells like poo (covers face with shirt).
Does it turn into poo, Mom?  Do you think someone pooted?  Are you sure it's not somebody's diaper?

I'm pretty sure it's the mulch outside.

Is it gone yet?  (takes a big sniff).
Oh, thank goodness.  That was horrible.

I was having a meeting at church.  Isabella decided to join us and started conversing with a couple:
How old are you Isabella?

Four.  I just had a birthday.
(Her birthday was seven months ago.)

Did you do anything special for your birthday?

Yes! (pause) I blew out candles!

Some friends of ours watched our two little ones while we went to a wedding:
Do you know my name?

Isabella, duh!

No, it's Isabella.  You almost got it!

This is why it's hard for me to discipline our third child (usually).  Don't worry, Bill and I are fully capable and typically do - but oftentimes we need to leave the room first to get
our poker faces on so that she'll take us seriously.
I love you forever, Isabella.


Cindy said...

She's the best!

Grace said...

She just made an amazing comment after I posted this. I was literally laughing by myself in the kitchen. She's ridiculous.