Thursday, August 8, 2013

Maileen's Journey - August 8

Dec 2012
So many thanks to all of you who have been faithfully praying for my cousin Maileen.
Would you mind praying with us again?

I am scheduled for brain surgery August 13th to remove the tumor on the lower left is active. I am praying for shrinking or diminished tumor(s) and I would rather not go through surgery, to be honest. Our God hears our prayers. If I go through the surgery, pray for Dr.V and his surgical team (rest, clear minds, wise decisions, blessed skills as individuals and as a team) and for me (healing and healing well). Due to not having visas for the children, please pray with me for my wonderful husband Peter as he takes care of Marissa and our foster son 'Baby J' (about 3 months old) ---strength, help, love and emotional stability and rest. Thank you for your prayers...we are deeply moved by your involvement in our lives...may our Lord bless you and grant you deep joys and moving peace.

Looks like my body (neck down) is one year cancer clear to the month...Praise God...HE Is FAITHFUL...and Generously Full of to get my head tumor clear too...Praying it will be...Thanks for praying with us these coming months...traveling...praying for Peter and our kids, doctors' appts.  Friday, Monday night (MRI) maybe surgery Tuesday morning...still praying not needing's a lot to ask for shrunken tumors...or even gone...but if surgery than praying for that operation's nice to have God's angels helping us to do God's will.
Sol   Maileen   Joel   Lucy
Dec 2012
Maileen is now stateside awaiting possible surgery this coming Tuesday.  Thank you for praying for Maileen, for Peter who is home in Honduras with Marissa and Baby J, for my uncle and aunt (Sol & Lucy if you're a detailed person like I am), and for the rest of our family.
We are all thankful for you.
Maileen   Marissa   Peter
Dec 2012

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