Tuesday, August 13, 2013

While We Wait

Maileen & Peter
There are lots of views regarding social media, smartphones, and the like.  There are also thoughtful debates on the technology & the medical advances we have available to us in our society - and how we use them.  Today, I'm a huge fan - of ALL of it.

Today - our family is in Virginia - but our family can also be found in:
North Carolina
New Jersey
The Philippines
I could go on and on and on.

Today - Maileen had brain surgery in Georgia.  Her husband and children are in Honduras.  Her family and friends are many, and wherever they are - they are supporting her tremendously.

Today - I am thankful that my cousin's husband in Honduras can tell us via Facebook that my cousin in Georgia is done with surgery and doing fine.

Today - I am thankful that I can wake up, check my phone, and read an encouraging message from Maileen asking me to rest well so we can face today with joy and praise.

Today - I am thankful for the ability to text those that I love and to ask them to please pray for my cousin, her surgery, and her recovery.

Today - I am thankful that I can check my laptop for updates from our family.

Today - I am thankful for all the talented doctors & staff who will be with Maileen and use all of their medical knowledge and technological abilities to help her rid her body of this nasty disease.

Maileen is the older sister Sarah & I never knew we needed, but God sure did.
She's the oldest granddaughter of the family, and we all look up to her.
She's an amazing wife, mother, and friend.
Those who know her (personally and even online) can attest to that.

She's loud, and she's joyful.
She's always ready with a smile or a laugh.
She's honest - sometimes brutally.
And, she's in love with Jesus.

Thanks so much for praying for her.
And for all of us.

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