Monday, November 9, 2009

The Amazing Race

This weekend was amazing!

the beach
a house full of family & friends
the beach
coffee, coffee, coffee
the beach
cheesecake & brownies

Can you tell I love the beach? I didn't even make it there, but knowing the beach was close by was comforting nonetheless.

Of course, it's always tiring taking three children five and under on a road trip - especially when one of them is sick (and three years old). All the tantrums & tiredness are worth it though.

My favorite part of this weekend was the husband completing his first marathon with a time of 3:14:25. I'm so proud of him I can hardly stand it - it's as if I ran 26.2 miles in weird November heat over a huge long bridge and an unexpected 4 mile stretch of hilly terrain. My calves are sore from running up and down three levels of the beach house all weekend. I can't wrap my brain around running 26.2 miles straight. Just thinking about it makes me tired!

Whenever I see Bill race, I'm always inspired to throw on my shoes and start running. Then morning comes, and my bed is just so comfy and warm. One day...maybe.
Until then, I can live vicariously through my incredible husband!
Roma (09.2004) by Philipp_Roth.
Photo by: Philipp Roth

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