Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kitchen Time

Apparently I'm not very good at cooking bacon.
I wanted to try out a new recipe that I just knew my family would love - chicken, bacon, cheese - all ingredients that Bill & the girls (even Espy!) enjoy. The recipe is a great one, if you want to make a good chicken dinner. However, make sure your bacon is cooked thoroughly. Bill had to recook the bacon, and show me when it's really done. Oops.

If you haven't already checked out The Pioneer Woman, you need to!
The cooking section is my fave.

P.S. If any of you would like to get me her new cookbook,
I'll love you forever.

She serves the chicken as a sandwich, but we paired it with homemade mashed potatoes and some oven-roasted asparagus. Yummy.

Photo by: Ree Drummond

I also tried my hand at a new dessert.
It's called The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever.
And it really is - no lie.
You should make it - right now.
Believe me - you'll thank me later.
Oh, and be sure you have a glass of nice cold milk or a cup of coffee while you're enjoying the awesomeness.
Mr. Workout will be waiting when you're done.
Photo by: Ree Drummond

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