Friday, November 13, 2009

A Long Two Days

eye muscle surgery
YouTube-ing eye muscle surgery (not a good idea on my part)
Espy getting the swine flu
experiencing flu-like symptoms myself
having to reschedule Espy's surgery because of a 103 fever
nasty weather
loss of power

no school for two days
a phenomenal pediatric ophthalmologist
knowing exactly what will be involved with Espy's surgery
(not necessarily enjoyable, but good to know)
rescheduling Espy's surgery at a "good time"
(when she's flu-free & before Christmas)
a sweet friend in our pediatrician's office
squeezing Espy in to be seen
(Thanks, Trista!)
apple juice
his awesome job (yay FCM!) that gives him the flexibility
to stay home and take care of me & the girls
that no one else has gotten the flu...yet
sweet family & friends checking up on us
family time with no "modern day / technological" distractions
our Christmas tree is up
God is in control!

Photo by: D Sharon Pruitt
Free Turquoise Sky Bubbles Creative Commons or Texture for Layers by Pink Sherbet Photography.

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