Sunday, July 3, 2011

AZ - July 3

Regan and Kristen
Regan    Josh    Kristen
Josh    Kristen    Regan
Please let the church know that everything is under control.  Kids are already starting to feel better.  Stomach stuff only...
Please pray for our group!
We heard this morning that a few of the kids are sick.  Parents, no need to worry - everyone is fine!

This is from one of our leaders:
it is not any bad sick...just upset tummies...miranda, zack, madison, and maria...and they are doing better already, got fluids going and they are resting in the cool shade with breeze and ice packs...i think it is heat induced...they have been drinking like they should!

One of the leaders will probably stay with the sickies while the others will coordinate VBS and cookout preparations this afternoon.  They are worshiping with Hidden Springs Bible Church now.

Please pray for relationships between our group and the Navajos that have been formed over the years and relationships that will be forming in the days to come.

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