Friday, July 8, 2011

Maileen's Journey - July 7

Peter and Marissa - July 2011
FRI - 1:30am
Even with waiting for several hours as Peter and Marissa were being dragged through delays, it was so exciting to see them come up from the escalators that go up to baggage claim at the Atlanta Airport.

Marissa and I could not stop giggling and playing while we waited for the bags to get in. As much as Peter and I were willing to show our affections in public with our daughter in-between, I could tell

Peter was ready to collapse...He was ready to give himself permission to be still...and he deserves to is built in us to need to rest. Please, pray for him, several hours later, his body started to just ache and then he got a very high fever, which he still has. I believe that when his mind gave himself permission his body responded. He did what he needed to do and he did it well, as best he could. He really is needing to just rest and recuperate. Blessed to have a wonderful man as my husband and best friend for life, and a part of me is wishing I was given some magic wand to wave around.
Praising God for the energy He has given me this week and that my parents can be with us to help with meals, and are so blessed, that we can be with my brother here in Atlanta to rest.
Marissa Nicolle is loving that we are playing with my brothers' dog and going for walks around his house and just having her parents together.
I am trying to get back into creating a routine that will work for all of us, especially as we help Peter rest and recuperate.

So proud of Peter, most of us understand from the prayer requests since March, what was given to him in Honduras, while I faced treatment...maybe not exactly to what extent all those layers of tasks was on him, but that there were layers upon layers of tasks.

Thanks for praying with us through our journey, and thanks to some of you for your active participation through prayer and/or through personal hands-on involvement...Now all of us just need to heal, rest and regain a new strength. It is nice we can do it all together as one family.

God is Good no matter the weight of the days task and the layers it took to get there. In His plan, He knows what is at hand and we all are a part, small as it seems at times, of a greater impact for His is worth drawing closer to Him and making Him known together, even if we do not see it all or understand very little of what is going on.

Thanks again for all the prayers and your continual prayer...We have been blessed and protected through prayers of intercession...Please let us know how we can pray for you in a personal we can be a part of God working in your life for His glory...;D

WED - 4:45pm
Just hours from seeing them here...even with a flight delay...;D....I can't wait..and Thanks so much to the women of National Hills Baptist church for getting Marissa Nicolle a great car seat...what a blessing...Thank you and I am so excited...;D
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