Friday, July 1, 2011

My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad

Thanks for making me!
Speaking of daddies, I just have to give my own dad much love for, you know - being my dad!
Yes - I realize it's almost the 4th of July,
and I'm not very good at posting "on schedule" - remember Mother's Day?
All that aside - this is for you, Simon!

Dear Dad,
Thanks so much for being the best dad a girl could want!
You are the most patient man -
the. most. patient. man.
You've spent the last thirty five years or so surrounded by three women in your home.
I'm sorry when we were all on our period at the same time.

Thanks for taking care of mom.
I know it was hard for her to leave her family in the Philippines,
but you made a great home and life for us here.

Thanks for working so hard.
We never worried about any grownup stuff when we were little, and that was because you always took care of us.  I know I didn't show my appreciation enough.  Now that we have a family of our own, I realize how much you've worked over the years - and I want you to know that I'm forever thankful.

Thanks for always supporting me - no matter what.
You were always encouraging - even when you might have disagreed with a decision or two or three that I made - you had a great way of relating to me.
I can count on one hand the times you've been angry with me (for good reason),
but you always communicated with me in love - except for that one time when I really sassed you with my mouth (sorry about that!).

Thanks for loving God.
Because you love Him, you love us even better.

Thanks for being a great example of who a man is supposed to be.
Bill's no Simon, but he certainly comes close.

Happy Father's Day, Dad (twelve days later) - I love you very, very much!

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