Sunday, July 3, 2011

Maileen's Journey - July 2

January 2009
The iron doors and windows get put on the storage building Sunday, and completed, so we can start moving out of the house...and that it is a nice organized and safe time of moving with friends.
It doesn't rain so the move can happen.
That Peter and Marissa Nicolle don't need to change their flight to another week.
For Peter and all the details he needs to do to wrap things up...and be able to rest and travel well with Marissa Nicolle.
My specific prayer is that he is healthy, rested, clear headed to organize the details and get them done well - oh and kindness to handle all the work that is now piling up from promises people are not keeping.
Thank you..
And that I don't feel ill while driving to Atlanta to pick then up.
(So far doing well...Thanks for praying.)

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