Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friday with the Husband

Note to Self:
Don't forget about your awesome time away with The Husband (see below).

We slept in, and it was AMAZING.
I got to shower and get ready without feeling distracted or rushed.
Those of you with littles will appreciate how exciting that was for me!
We went out to breakfast at a sweet roadside deli and ate and ate:

We drove into town to check out the local day spas and restaurants.
After stopping by two shopping areas, we enjoyed some homemade ice cream.  I picked chocolate peanut butter (delicious!).  Bill chose peanut butter cookies and cream - in a waffle cone.  It was humongous, and there was a piece of peanut butter in it that was the size of my hand.  All right, I exaggerate - but it was extremely big!

There was an adorable antique shop that had the sweetest little Radio Flyer wagon ever.  We were super disappointed when the lady closed up shop while we were browsing in other stores.  I may have told her it was going to rain the next day, and the weather was beach-fantastic.  I don't blame her!

Next stop was another store to get shampoo, conditioner, and a brush.
Apparently when I pack for myself, I don't like to pack toiletries/necessities.  Whoops.

The weather was perfect for the beach so we headed there with chairs, drinks, and snacks.  We usually go to the beach every summer with our families.  I had forgotten the feeling of not having an infant, a crawler, or non-swimmers near a huge body of water.  I had also failed to remember what it was like not to have to carry toys, snacks, sippy cups, bottles, drinks, towels, and umbrellas for six.  Weird.

Bill and I had an awesome time talking and talking and talking.
We took an amazing walk up and down the beach and:
found random structures
came too close to stinky, dead fish
met a sweet family from DC
peed in the ocean (guess which one of us did that?)
and talked some more

I got to take another shower - two in one day (yay)!

We decided on barbecue for dinner, and it was delicious - see:

The picture does not do our meal justice.
Rest assured, Bill and I and our stomachs were extremely happy.

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