Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beach Bound

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Note to Self:
Don't forget about your awesome time away with The Husband (see below).

We're going to the beach - by ourselves!

The girls were offended that we weren't taking them, but they'll get over it I'm sure.
When I took Espy and Gianna to the bus stop this morning - they were both pouting, Please don't go,
Mom!  I'm sure they'll be fine once my mom picks them up from school.

I packed like a crazy person for six even though only two of us are going.  Who needs six pairs of shoes if you're only gone for four days?  Apparently, I do.  You never know what kind of shoe you might want to wear, right?

After finally getting everything packed - we said goodbye to Isabella, Evangeline, and Bill's parents.  We picked up soccer uniforms for Gianna's team and dropped them off at our friend's house (thanks for coaching, Aaron!).  We stopped at Plaza for dinner (Plaza is always yummy!) and headed to the beach.

Since I went to bed around 2AM the night before, I slept the whole way there (sorry, babe).  I was giddy like a school girl all day long.  It felt weird to arrive without 10,000 pieces of luggage and our four girls, but I'm SO thankful for this time that we get to spend together!

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