Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Funky Monkeys

The Husband took Miss Espy and the big kids to King's Dominion today.
They're having a blast I'm sure.

The rest of us are having an off day of sorts.
The girls (except for Espy) woke up sassy, and I woke up - unsettled.
Because of our funkiness, I cleared the schedule for the day and tossed the ToDo list aside.  The girls
and I colored pictures, watched movies, read books, and listened to music.  We ate too many treats, and cuddled on the couch with stuffed animals and favorite blankets.

Typically - when things don't go the way I think they should, I immediately evaluate various scenarios and determine what the best solution is for the particular situation.  I then launch my plan of attack in order to achieve said solution.

When there's a lot going on in my heart and my mind, it seems that I just need to stop.
Talk to God.

Instead, I'd rather make plans and lists and timelines -
and do what needs to be done - immediately.

Thankfully, God has given me someone who is level-headed and rational to even out my emotional outbursts.  Today, in his absence, He used our little wonders who can easily put things into perspective with one tight hug or a sloppy kiss.  Chubby little legs running across the room or tiny fingers wrapped around a crayon can calm me when I need it most -
if I allow myself to be still long enough.

The problems will come and go - but my time with Espy, Gianna, Isabella, and Evangeline is fleeting.  I constantly have to remind myself that Bill and I will be their favorites for only so long.

Today - our girls taught me (once again) to slow. down.
Today - I rested in His peace through their innocence, their confidence, and their love of life.
Today - I am thankful.

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