Friday, July 27, 2012

Reunion Fun

sweet Tito Al and Sarah
My mom grew up with eight brothers and sisters.  My dad is the youngest of six.
You can imagine how large our family gets after that.

My sister, her husband, and three of my cousins (and their families) are in Chicago right now visiting one of my uncles.  Know that there will be lots of loud talking, laughing, picture-taking, and eating.
I'm missing them a lot right now - LOVE my big, crazy family.

Fuzzy pictures via text from my sister's phone and pics of pics from her camera?
Yes, please:

paparazzi's always on the move
my cousins' sweet babies
Marissa and Tito Evan
Dr. Joel     Sarah     Maileen     Peter
Peter    Marissa    Maileen
Tito Evan    Marissa    Tita Sarah
Evan and Sarah
Sarah     Tito Al     Maileen     Ariel
Love them!

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