Monday, August 17, 2009

Too Fast

Espy started kindergarten this morning.
Gianna starts preschool in two weeks.
Isabella's turning one in seven days.
Wall of Clocks by rustman.
Photo by Russ Morris
Espy wonders why I walked her into school today instead of just dropping her off.
Gianna spins around the house making random statements that always make me smile.
Isabella stands on her own and is on the verge of walking.
What happened to all of my babies?


Amanda said...

The coffee shop that I spent much of my time in this week (pre- home internet) is decorated with clocks and more clocks. It's really cute and I would love to do it in my livingroom.

I'd have to set them all to different times though. Otherwise it would just be stressful.

Grace said...

GREAT minds think alike - I'm thinking of doing the same in our "dining room." Send me a pic when yours is done por favor.