Friday, February 26, 2010

Paint Project Complete

You might remember my excitement about this paint project...I got my inspiration from a blog I love
and this painting:

I also enjoy:
Product Image Garrett Canvas Transfer (30x30)
It reminded some of my friends of Rothko's art.
One of my faves:
No. 7, 1960 Limited Edition
Bill was out of town for a few days earlier this month - a perfect opportunity to start my project. After I put the girls to bed, I popped The Proposal (love this movie) into the Mac and set up my "studio." And so the painting began...I was slightly nervous at this point. That stripe is really - green.
Now my fear was of a Crayola-ish painting......probably completed by one of the girls.Oops.
I forgot to take pictures as often as I wanted.
And this is how the evening progressed......which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way.Voila!
(with and without flash)
I was excited.
Are you?
This is when it's helpful to have The Husband around.There you have it.My little DIY art hanging on our dining room wall.

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