Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Your Momma

This post is soooo late,
but you know what they say (who are "they" anyway??)...
better late than never
it's the thought that counts
et cetera
et cetera

Mom before she was Mom
It's Mother's Day weekend!

I have no idea what our girls have up their sleeves, but they're convinced that I do not want
sunglasses for Mother's Day - which I, in fact, do.

Gianna keeps trying to tell me my MD surprises, but Bill and I won't let her.
Never tell that one a secret.

I still can't believe I'm a mother of four girls.
FOUR girls??
We're a family of how many?
It kind of blows my mind sometimes.

Anyway, just wanted to tell my mom how awesome she is...

Hey, Mom -
Thanks so much for being you!

1.) First of all, thanks for marrying dad and you know, making me (and Sarah) - 
we pretty much owe you big for that one.

2.) Sorry I kept you in labor for more than a day!
(I'm super glad I didn't inherit that whole "being in labor for a super long time" part from you.)

3.) Thanks for always being supportive in everything.

You win the award for going to every possible conference ever with each teacher I had from grades 0-12.  I'm pretty sure if you could have met with my professors in college, you would have.
Seriously, thanks for that - I'm sure I would have become a slacker given the opportunity.

4.) I'm sorry you had to be a human breathalyzer from time to time when I became an obnoxious teenager who wanted to test the boundaries of parental authority.
I know it wasn't fun waiting up for me when I decided to break curfew.
My bad.
Don't worry, I'll have my own teenage girl one day (times four).

5.) Thanks for still coming to my rescue in my times of need:

-when I'm sick.
-when I want to shower.
-when I need a break from 
#1 #2 #3 #4
#1 - #4

-when I need a cleaning buddy
-and so on and so forth

6.)  Thanks for being a fantastic Lola.
The girls love you and love spending time with you!

7.)  Last, but certainly not least,

thank you for the sacrifice you made thirty five-ish years ago.
I can't imagine having to leave my parents and all my brothers and sisters
to move to another country with my new husband
and to raise my family so far from my roots -
but you did.

You are amazing.

You are strong.
You are beautiful.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

I love you more than you know!!!

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