Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Are Not Daddy

The Girls and The Favorite
You woke up this morning making funky noises.  I thought it was one of your little sisters crying, but it wasn't - it sounded too weird.  You walked into the living room with big crocodile tears talking about your daddy leaving.  I asked how you knew, and you said that you looked out of your bedroom window and saw that his truck was gone.  You were convinced that he didn't say goodbye to you, but I
promise - he did!  I was standing in the hallway when he said goodbye to you and to Espy.

You, Miss Espy, woke up thirty minutes later - also crying!  I had just gotten Gianna settled down when you came in very upset.  You also thought your daddy left without saying goodbye, but I assure you - he spent at least three minutes waking you up.  You did, but I think you were still dreaming about one thing or another!

When you two get older, you might not want to hang out with me and your daddy so much.  I just want you to remember how sad you were when Dad had to leave on this trip!  So when we want you to stay home one night and spend some time with your parents - 
Mom!  Dad!  Can we PLEASE go out?
I'm going to remind you of how you cried and cried
and cried
and told me all day long how much you missed your daddy.
Then we're going to make you stay home and hang out with us,
and possibly even
talk to us about everything that's going on in your lives.
Oh yes -
it will be mommy's payback for all the sad faces and tears


Lindsey@ Harpersville Home said...

aww that is too sweet! :) Abigail is a total Daddy's girl so I think she will be the same way! I'll be praying for the trip!

Grace said...

They are all daddy's girls for sure - except for little Evangeline, but I know her time's coming...thanks for praying!!