Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Stirring In My Heart

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Sundays have been the time when I've felt the most turmoil in my soul.  Coming home from Haiti takes one day.  On Saturday I can be in Haiti, surrounded by tragedy and grave injustice.  On Sunday I can sit in my home church.  It's like being in a movie theater, watching a scary, disturbing movie then walking down the hall, a few doors down into a Disney movie.  It's hard to process.  It's also hard to stay in my seat or listen.  What I want to do is stand up and tell people what is going on a
few doors down. Right on the other side of the wall.  While we're all sitting here in this new room talking about the weirdest topics, trying to convince ourselves that God is good and gracious towards us in our peaceful, thermostat regulated lives, horrible, horrible things are happening right down the hall to an unimaginable number of people. 
-Heather Hendrick-

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