Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where Did The Summer Go?

Leaves and Sunlight at Dawn
Photo by: D Sharon Pruitt
I rarely make New Year's Resolutions because I never keep them.
I feel like fall is a great time for new starts - new beginnings - new routines.
Summer is full of pajama days and lackadaisical schedules.
All that is coming to an end for us in the next few weeks, so we're soaking it up while we can.

In preparation for its arrival (and in hopes of making myself feel better about the end of the season),
I made a list of things I'm looking forward to this fall:

1) the weather
Hotter than hot tends to wear us all down!

2) having conversations with Espy
She's a big girl now - when did that happen?

2) Gianna learning how to read

3) Isabella "playing soccer"

4) alone time with Miss Evangeline

6) monthly date nights
yay for the babysitting trade with a sweet couple

7) baking baking and baking

8) reconnecting with friends after a busy summer

9) possibly starting a small group with a good friend

and last, but certainly not least

10) being back "on schedule"
whatever that means for our family of six
(ages 8 months - 34 years)


Alicia said...

If you start a small group I want to be involved! I could use some lady friends and God connecting!

Grace said...

Hey, Alicia - I just sent you a message. Small groups are awesome for just that!

Cindy said...

#3 and #8 are my faves.

Grace said...

Cindy - you should come see her play sometime. I'm sure it will be quite entertaining. I'm looking forward to hanging out...soon, I hope!