Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The First Day

Dear Espy,
You started second grade today!  You're blowing my mind with how fast you're growing up.  Don't get me wrong - we butt heads often and that's probably because we're a lot alike, but I'm still proud of the person you're becoming.  Thanks for taking care of Gianna today - you're a fantastic big sister!

Dear Gianna,
You're in Kindergarten, and I can't believe it!  You're going to be in school all. day. long.  I'm going to miss you!  I'm very proud of how you jumped out of bed this morning - ready to do everything you were supposed to do before we headed to the bus stop.  You're my most favorite five year old.

Dear Isabella,
You went to preschool and did a great job (even Mrs. Burke said so!).  I've been praying since we enrolled you that you would obey and learn - we'll see how the rest of the year goes.  My favorite parts of this morning were when you:
-had your nearly-empty backpack on
-found your name by your hook and saw that it matched your nametag necklace, "Matching!"
-you asked Mrs. Burke for more ice cream during snack time - sorry kid, one per student
-you couldn't be still long enough for one typical back-to-school shot

Dear Evangeline,
You are staying home with me, Little Miss!

My Girls,
I'm praying for you like crazy -
that you would become the people God wants you to be,
and that I would be the mom I'm supposed to be
to help get you there.

Much love little ones,
(AKA Mom)

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