Friday, September 2, 2011

Living Intentionally: The Husband

Ever go through those times where you're just sitting in the middle of your life.
Obviously, it's going on - but at the same time, you feel like you're not participating in it?

Brush your teeth?  Check.
Gym?  Check.
Breakfast?  Check.
Shower?  Check.
Bus stop.
Car pool.
Dinner prep.
Soccer practice.
Piano lessons.
Free time?
Probably not.

Oh hey there!  Who are you?
You're quite handsome.
You're my husband?
 Why - I thought we were roomies for a second.
We are roomies?  With benefits?
I thought for sure we were just in charge of these adorable little girls surrounding us at all times.
All.  Times.

It's been this way for a couple of days now.
I miss Bill!
I'm not upset with him
or angry with him
or annoyed with him
at all - I just miss him.

Thank goodness for date night tomorrow.

At the beginning of this year, a friend and I were talking about those pesky things known as New Year's Resolutions.  Pesky because really, who keeps those
every. single. day. of. the. year.  
(Definitely not me - but if you do, I admire you fully!)

We shared what was going on in our lives and in our hearts.  I told her that Bill and I wanted to be more intentional with our relationship with each other.  Clearly, it's much easier to put your best self forward when dealing with coworkers, friends, acquaintances - even strangers.
I have to remind myself not to save my worst self for my husband.
My patience, my kindness, my thoughtfulness
often fall short when it comes to Bill.

He promised to stay with me for better or for worse - it's true -
but I certainly don't want him to have to suffer the latter part of the deal simply because I had a bad day or two or three!

The man in the picture above means the world to me.
My hope for us is to always remember who we were before
the laundry, the schedules, the projects
the mortgage, the car payment, the budget
Espy, Gianna, Isabella, Evangeline
we knew what it meant to really love someone.

Because really, in our picture - we hardly had a glimpse of all that love would entail.
We were two kids promising amazing things to each other that we knew nothing about.
Even now, we're two imperfect people trying to love each other the way He wants us to love.
Our own selves constantly get in the way of that.
It's a battle, but some days are easier than others.

What can I say - at the end of the day, it's much easier to focus on me.
But how much richer is our life together when we both sincerely put the other first?
Pretty awesome when we can get it right.
And isn't that how marriage is supposed to be?

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Mom of Three said...

I heart this very much! Having a date night tomorrow myself with the husband and need it badly!

Grace said...

You're so sweet, Robyn! Hope you and the husband had an awesome date night...we can wait for our next one!!