Thursday, September 8, 2011

Living Intentionally: Friends

swirl around, curl around, whirl around
Photo by: Heather Katsoulis
We live in a ridiculously fast-paced society.
I've mentioned it before,
but I'd love to live in a place where we can be still.
Just be.
That's probably not going to happen anytime soon.

So I have a choice:

live like a crazy person hopping from one thing to the next
checking off all the things on the schedule
marking off everything on the lists and
maintaining a bazillion relationships via FB, Twitter, texts, and emails


slow down
not plan every single waking moment of every single day with some sort of something
put the list(s) away - even for just a little bit
and really evaluate all those relationships

Who are the people who are encouraging me to love God and to love other people with my life?
Who will be honest - even when it's hard?

This goes both ways.

Who am I encouraging to love God and to love other people with their lives?
Who will I be honest with - even when it's hard?

These are the friendships we want to strengthen.
These are the friendships we want to maintain.
These are the friendships we want to last.

These are the friendships that will encourage us (me!) to press on in this race.
Isn't that what I claim my desire to be?

We often let ourselves get lost in the busy and as a result we miss out on


Open your heart and your home.
Sit down for that coffee.
Go out for that lunch.

Our hearts were created
to beat with others,
to live in community,

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