Monday, September 26, 2011

A Lot of Funny

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We love having people over.
Love it.
I usually get stressed beforehand
(everything must be spotless, and in its place! - because THAT always happens),
and the girls are guaranteed to be super excited and loud and all over the place
(thank goodness for the eight o'clock hour) -
but we love it nonetheless.

There's always something about getting together with friends that makes my heart smile.
I'm more social than the husband and would probably have people over all the time, but we both come away encouraged when we make the time to spend with people who are over the age of seven.

And in the morning, it's always fun to reflect on how a conversation can go from the top of this list to the bottom (in no particular order) in the span of about two hours:


marshmallow-y goodness


b rolls


beach week

events at beach week

Pho 79


birth control

that's a lot of funny

how long's this apple been here

dating and not dating



Now go invite someone over for dinner - you'll love it.

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